HDPF Setlists

10/31/97 Crossroads, Simsbury, CT
Also Sprach Zarathustra* > Nick Johnson** > Good Times Bad Times***, Pan**, She Sends Me^, Sample in a Jar^^, Longview+, All Along the Watchtower#, Semi-Charmed Life@, Axilla^^, Harry Hood^^ > Divided Sky^^ > Harry Hood^^, Taste in Variation**, Nightingale%, Wilson^^, Fluffhead^^ > Arrival^^, Ya Mar~, Johnny B. Goode`

* classical cover (Theme from 2001)
** HDPF original
*** Led Zepplin cover
^ Moe cover
^^ Phish cover
+ Green Day cover
# Bob Dylan cover
% God Street Wine cover
~ Mustangs cover
` Chuck Barry cover

NOTE: All songs above were debuts, because this was the band's first real show

11/29/97 Boy Scout Hall, Simsbury, CT
Soundcheck: My Way*, Wander On#
Set 1: Good Times Bad Times, Nightingale, Waves* > Ants Marching@ > My Way%, Tangled Up in Blue**, Wilson > Farhod Kazaam*, Ya Mar, Rock This Town***, Character Zero^, Harry Hood > Divided Sky > Harry Hood, Johnny B. Goode, Longview
Set 2: All Along the Watchtower^^, Fluffhead > Arrival, Turn on Your Love Light+, Wander On%, Pan

* debut, HDPF original
** debut, Bob Dylan cover
*** debut, Stray Cats cover
^ debut, Phish cover
^^ with Mike Martel (vocals, tenor sax) and Matt Royales (vocals) of Phaedrus
+ debut, Grateful Dead cover
# debut, Chalkdust cover
@ debut, Dave Matthews Band cover
% debut, actually first preformed during soundcheck

12/30/97 Crossroads, Simsbury, CT
2001 > Nick Johnson > Good Times Bad Times, She Sends Me, My Way, Character Zero, I Know Them Well**, Nightingale, Ya Mar, Tangled Up in Blue*, Wander On, Labyrinth**, Possum, Pan, Johnny B. Goode, Fluffhead > Arrival, Wilson, Down With Disease***, Fire^

* stopped halfway through the first chorus because Joe messed up and Andrew yelled at him
** debut, HDPF original
*** debut, Phish cover
^ debut, Jimi Hendrix cover

1/10/98 Simsbury High School, Simsbury, CT
SHS Battle of the Bands '98
Suzy Greenberg* > Fire, Pan > Arrival, Johnny B. Goode

* debut, Phish cover

1/18/98 Crossroads, Simsbury, CT
Weekapaug Groove^*, Star Spangled Banner^^* > Also Sprach Zarathustra* > Nick Johnson#*, Fluffhead* > Arrival*, Suzy Greenberg, Fire, Nightingale, Down With Disease, Wander On, Johnny B. Goode
Encore: Possum*

* with Keith Distel on drums, and Matt on keyboards
^ debut, Phish cover
^^ debut, classic cover
# with Nick Johnson on vocals

1/30/98 Crossroads, Simsbury, CT
Crossroads Auction
Suzy Greenberg, Fire, MMMBop*

* debut, Hanson cover, with Joe Dabrowski, Matt Gaidos, Nick Shapiro, Mark Bosko, and Wes Brooker on vocals

3/21/98 Municipal Cafe, Hartford, CT
Drive* > Pan, Wander On, Taste in Variation, AC/DC Bag, Ya Mar, My Way, Johnny B. Goode > Drive Reprise*

* debut, HDPF original

5/23/98 Crossroads, Simsbury, CT
AC/DC Bag, Suzie Greenberg, Sample in a Jar, Ya Mar, Drive, Park West*, Character Zero > Weekapaug Groove

* debut, HDPF original

5/29/98 Elmwood Community Center, West Hartford, CT
Weekapaug Groove > Wander On > Ya Mar > Park West > Fire

NOTE: Joe did not play bass. Instead, Tom Wassel, former bassist for ChalkDust (writers of the song Wander On) sat in.

6/26/98 First Church, West Hartford, CT
Wander On, Pan, Nightingale, Did You Ever Look So Nice***, Sample in a Jar, Ya Mar, The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday*, Good Times Bad Times, The Old Apartment, Drive, All Along the Watchtower, Buggie Boy**, Possum, Damn It^, Johnny B. Goode, AC/DC Bag, Park West > Fire > Jam > Weekapaug Groove > Runaway Jim > Suzie Greenberg, Rocketship^^, Longview

* debut, Mike solo on guitar, Phish cover
** debut, HDPF original
*** debut, Samples cover
^ debut, Blink 182 cover
^^ debuted at a graduation party a week before, Guster cover

7/19/98 Simsbury Public Library, Simsbury, CT
Drive, Axilla, Ya Mar, Taste in Variation, Buster, Suzie Greenburg, Nightingale, Pan > Did You Ever Look So Nice > Wander On, She Sends Me, Down With Disease*

* with Dean Cardinale of Dreadnought on guitar during the end jam

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